Do you ever feel like you should take better care of yourself but can’t seem to find the time? Do you just keep putting off thinking about your own needs?

In this Masterclass, we will explore the why and how of nourishing ourselves. We start with the idea of self-compassion and its significance. We are each on a journey in this lifetime, and yours is just as important as your children’s. 

Then we move into ways to practice self-care. Keeping it simple in the midst of parenting and homeschooling is the key. 

Finally, we explore self-discovery. Join me as we explore how to put YOU back in the picture. 

Let's explore new ways of practicing what Steiner called Inner Work. Which my friend Sheila (our special guest in Lesson 3) describes as anything you do to get quiet, hear that still small voice, and bring balance to your life.

In this Masterclass you will:

  • Understand why nourishing ourselves is so important
  • Explore self-compassion, self-care, and self-discovery
  • Imagine what a nourishing yourself might look like
  • Consider a plan to nourish yourself on a daily basis


  • 1
    Welcome to Nourishing Ourselves!
    • A Welcome Message from Jean
    • Outline of Nourishing Ourselves Masterclass
  • 2
    Meditation for a Grounded & Connected Day
    • Meditation Audio
    • Meditation Text
  • 3
    LESSON ONE: Self-Compassion
    • Self-Compassion Video
    • Self-Compassion Audio
  • 4
    LESSON TWO: Self-Care
    • Self-Care Video
    • Self-Care Audio
    • Verses by Rudolf Steiner
  • 5
    LESSON THREE: Self-Discovery
    • Self-Expression Through Self Expression Video
    • Self-Discovery Through Self Expression Audio
    • Resources for Self-Discovery

How to Get Nourishing Ourselves