These two bonuses, Rhythm to the Rescue and Family Dynamics in Tough Times, will help you navigate whatever you might have going on right now by focusing on what you can do rather than what you can't. You can make a rhythm chart, and you can pull together as a family. And I'm going to show you how. 

In these two trainings, I give you specific doable ideas so you can craft a family life right now amidst the storm. I've given them to you as videos but also as audio files that you can download and listen to as you're doing other things. Your choice.  

Wishing you peace and connection in your home.




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    Welcome to Homeschooling Through Tough Times
    • Welcome!
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    Rhythm to the Rescue
    • Rhythm to the Rescue (Video)
    • Rhythm to the Rescue (Audio)
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    Family Dynamics
    • Family Dynamics in Tough Times (Video)
    • Family Dynamics in Tough Times (Audio)

How to Get These Bonus Trainings