This masterclass will help you keep homeschooling simple with handwork and storytelling as your essential lessons. This is a great training for holiday seasons and when life gets busy or challenging.

You can make handmade crafts, tell stories that go with them, prepare for the holiday season, make gifts for your loved ones, and experience learning time with your children. 

Remember to keep it simple and focus on connection.

In this Masterclass you will:

  • Learn about handmade gifts that you and your children can make
  • Choose gifts to make and stories to go with them
  • Understand how to simplify the Waldorf method

I hope you enjoy this maker-focused Masterclass. I’m here to help you if you need it!


  • 1
    Welcome to Handwork + Stories!
    • Welcome to Handwork + Stories!
    • Outline of Handwork + Stories
  • 2
    Lesson One
    • How to Make Time for Gift Making & Get Some Learning In
  • 3
    Lesson Two
    • Knitted Washcloths
  • 4
    Lesson Three
    • Folded Paper Window Stars
  • 5
    Lesson Four
    • Felted Soaps
  • 6
    Lesson Five
    • Embroidered Ornaments or Coasters
  • 7
    • Block Plan for Handwork + Stories

How to Get Handwork + Stories