This Masterclass helps you gather ideas for creating an inviting homeschooling space. 

In some teaching methods, Waldorf included, there is this idea that the environment is the "third teacher." Meaning the teacher, the child, and the environment are all equally important to learning.

In that light, I want to share with you and show you some ways I’ve organized my homeschooling books and supplies over the years. You can really have fun decluttering and freshening up your homeschool space!

I hope you enjoy this take-action Masterclass.

I’m here to help you if you need it!


  • 1
    Welcome to Creating the Space for Homeschooling!
    • A Message from Jean
    • Outline of Creating the Space for Homeschooling
  • 2
    Lesson One
    • Organizing Your Curriculum & Resources
  • 3
    Lesson Two
    • Organizing for Lesson Planning
    • Lesson Planning Template
  • 4
    Lesson Three
    • Organizing Your Supplies
  • 5
    Lesson Four
    • Creating the Head Space & Mindset for Homeschooling

How to Get Creating the Space for Homeschooling