The Waldorf-Inspired Learning Studio

a learning space for homeschooling with the lively arts

Jean Miller

Plan It Out

Join longtime homeschooler, Jean Miller, for this 3-week online group coaching program for Waldorf homeschoolers to create a strong foundation for your year and get your planning done.

Jean Miller

Mentor Sessions with Jean

1:1 coaching for Waldorf homeschoolers. Get support for homeschooling with the lively arts. Book your session and then find everything you need to get started right here, all in one place.

The Taproot Team

Taproot 2018

Join us this year for the 12th annual Taproot Teacher Training 2018, a LIVE event for Waldorf homeschoolers August 2-5, 2016. A long weekend of workshops in the main lessons, and all the lively arts.

Jean Miller

Waldorf Homeschooling, Simplified

Learn how to plan for and set up for Waldorf homeschooling in a way that's just right for your unique family.